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Suzannah, Ty and Presley

San Diego, CA

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Michelle and Girly Girl Galas for our daughter’s first birthday last week. From start to finish, Michelle was friendly, professional and most of all, right on point with our vision for the party! Even though I had heard only wonderful things about Michelle’s work, I was still somewhat nervous about relinquishing control of such a special occasion, especially since everything from the decor to desserts was going to be customized for our daughter’s party theme. However, after meeting with Michelle and walking through the event space with her, I completely trusted her. My husband and I showed up about an hour early to the party and Michelle and her crew were finishing up the decor. I was shocked at how everything turned out so beautifully and exactly like what we had hoped for! She made our vision come to life and we could not have asked for more. Thanks a million to Michelle and Girly Girl Galas for making our day so special!”

George and Rima and Katarina (6 year old daughter)

Poway, CA

“We are in the Customer Service Oriented Business ourselves and have been for the past 4 years. So when it came to finding an institution or individual for entertainment for our daughter’s birthday party we were very very particular. My wife did the research as usual we weren’t quite sure what to expect simply because in the past what we were sold on was completely different than what actually showed up, and I must say at times it was outright scary to the point where we asked the entertainment for my son’s party to please leave after showing up drunk. So when my wife contacted Michelle at Girly Girls Galas, we were both somewhat skeptical of what to expect. However, Michelle impressed us from the first conversation. She was very welcoming, listened to our concerns and also catered to our requests. She kept in contact with my wife, not missing an appointment or even a scheduled phone call. My wife picked the Spa Party setting for our daughter’s 6th birthday party. Michelle explained to us everything that was included and requested that she stop by and survey the area where we will be holding the party. My wife felt very comfortable with everything yet I was still somewhat skeptical due to our previous experiences. Well the day of the party I was out running last minute errands and also gathering everything that my wife asked for including the last minute balloons. So I was not home when Michelle and her crew came into our home to setup. When I arrived and opened the door to our house, I was simply SHOCKED… Our empty living room was transformed into a SPA like setting that looked FABULOUS… The decorations and content that Michelle and her crew had brought in and setup were outstanding. To say that I was impressed is putting it mildly. I was blown away and again please keep in mind that our previous experiences with other entertainment providers in the past had brought me to skepticism.

Everything was perfectly placed and organized. Michelle and her crew were amazing, very welcoming, exceptionally professional, courteous and wanted to do everything they can to allow us (my wife and I) from overworking the party and enjoying it with our daughter. Guest after invited guest showed up with OOOHS AND AHHHS as they walked in. Everyone was very impressed. Michelle and her crew put on a great service and SPA party for our daughter and her friends and once the party was over, Michelle and her crew efficiently cleaned up and returned everything back to order as it was before they started to setup.

From the first phone call to the last communication after the party, Michelle and her crew only had one thing on their mind and that was TOP NOTCH customer service. Take it from us with several bad experiences in the past, we HIGHLY recommend Girly Girl Galas and especially the owner Michelle to hire for the entertainment of your next party. Michelle keep us in mind when you start providing services for Boys so that we don’t have to search elsewhere. You ROCK, keep up the great work and Thank You for amazing experience.”

Lisa B.

La Jolla, CA

“I found Girly Girl Galas by accident and I am sure glad I did! They organized every aspect of my 7 year old daughter’s fairy/pirate birthday party and it was FABULOUS! The kids–both boys and girls– and the parents all enjoyed it! I have used party planners before and have found them helpful in executing all of the details associated with getting the party together. However, I have to say that my experience with Michelle and Girly Girl was so much more than that. It was just phenomenal. Every aspect of the party exceeded my expectations. Michelle worked with me to stay on budget and to deliver something really really special yet age appropriate for my daughter and her friends. And you should see her goody bags! Michelle is professional and friendly and really cares about not only the big picture but every detail. Her staff is also top notch. I highly recommend her and will use her again–and again.”


San Diego, CA

“Girly Girl Galas made my three year old’s party the most enjoyable day ever for her and her guests, and the other parents were so impressed. The staff was the nicest and most accommodating, and would not let me lift a finger. They handled everything on their own. From the treat bags to costumes to activities, there was never a dull moment. Also there was such prompt feedback and responses in the days leading up to the event, and the company was so flexible towards my needs and wants. The decor made for the best pictures and really made the theme come to life. They have such a talented baker who makes the most attractive cakes and cupcakes without sacrificing great flavor. Also, it is so convenient for the desert to arrive with them so that I don’t have to go pick it up. I don’t think I can ever top this birthday for her, unless I pick a different theme from Girly Girl Galas that is.”

Melissa C.

San Diego, CA

“I am a single mom who works full time and I really wanted to throw my five year old daughter a great birthday party but I don’t have the time to plan a big party, and I wasn’t sure I could afford this company. But I was burned out with Chuck E. so I called Girly Girls just to get a price. I was surprised at how well they did their party packages. You can start with the basic party and then add on what you want. We chose the fluffy stuffy party where they can stuff their own animals and pick the outfits. I was expecting cheap quality stuffed animals, but they were so nice! Plus the girls working did everything from start to finish. I only had to pay them and show them where to set up. It was well worth the price and not as expensive as it looked. Very high quality very friendly professional staff. My daughter was so happy and all her little friends loved it. The only thing I can’t rate is the boy parties, but that’s only because my son is older.”

Erik M.

Escondido, CA

“Girly Girl Galas exceeded my expectations when it came to my 6 year old daughters Princess Party. From the staff being very friendly and professional to the beautiful decorations that transformed our home to a princess palace. My daughter loved getting manicures and pedicures and also loved the candy buffet. The best part for me was being able to enjoy her party stress free!”

Katie E. 

La Jolla

GGG has thrown three Bday parties for my girl and they have all been bigger and better than the last. I have never been so impressed with a company. Each year I let Michelle do more and more and this year she did it all and it was the best decision I ever made. She threw a carnival party complete with games (even live fish!) where the kiddos won prizes, plenty of yummy treats, tons of food, and the decor was unbelievable. She also found and set up all the talent including the face painter and juggler/stilt walker plus photographer. I opened the door and let her do her thing that she does so well. My 7 year old had the most amazing day and all of her friends were having the best day ever too. I look forward to my kids bdays almost as much as they do bc of GGG. It takes all the stress out of planning. GGG is the best at their job.

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